Effective odor removal with the power of nature

Unpleasant odors?

Whether after a long day or a night of dancing - sneakers need a freshness boost every now and then. The MAGIC FRESHENER uses good bacteria in a smart way, which fight the odor-causing bad bacteria. This effectively removes bad odors. Completely without chemicals and in harmony with nature.

By the way: 

The MAGIC FRESHENER is also super suitable for use on textiles, caps, sports bags and everywhere where bad odors are.

sprayable overhead


dermatologically tested




Spray into the heel area of the Shoe spray.



Hold bottle upside down in shoe and spray. Shoe and spray



Leave on for 30 minutes - done! Bad Odors are magically gone.

Frequently asked questions

Find here in our FAQ even more helpful information about the MAGIC FRESHENER

How long does the freshness kick last?

The duration of effect depends quite significantly on how often you wear a shoe or shirt and how quickly unpleasant odors arise again. Here helps in any case your own. And preventive spraying is always a good strategy.

Why is Magic Freshener so particularly effective?

In a first phase, absorbers of plant origin bind the odor-causing molecules to themselves. In a second phase, 'clever microorganisms' consume the organic residues in the shoe or even on textiles. These form the food base for the odor-causing bacteria and with the loss of the food base, the cause of the odor is eliminated.

Can the Magic Freshner be used only for shoes?

The Magic Freshener can be used wherever bad odors occur. In addition to shoes, other areas of application include textiles, caps, sports bags and much more.

Can contact with the skin cause skin irritation ?

Magic Freshener is dermatologically tested and contact with the skin is completely harmless."