lotus leaf effect protects shoes from dirt and water

No protection?

To ensure that your sneakers are optimally protected against dirt, stains and moisture on a daily basis and that they are easy to clean.

clean easily, they need a protective shield. The magic function of MAGIC PROTECTOR changes the surface structure in the same way as a lotus leaf in nature: dirt and water no longer adhere to it."


easy to use

sprayable overhead

without propellants



Shake bottle well before use



Spray on impregnator from a distance of 20 cm



Allow to dry for 15 minutes. Your shoe is now protected against dirt, stains and moisture.

Frequently asked questions

Find here in our FAQ even more helpful information about the MAGIC PROTECTOR.

How does the "lotus leaf effect"work?

The magic function of the MAGIC PROTECTOR

changes the surface structure in a similar way to a lotus leaf in nature: dirt and water no longer adhere.

The protective effect of the "lotus leaf effect" is built up in 4 phases:

    1. spraying on of the impregnating agent and even distribution of the polymers on the surface.
    2. through physical interaction, the polymers combine to form chains
    3. the polymer chains are oriented with the protective side facing outwards
    4. the modified surface structure (lotus leaf effect) repels dirt and moisture"

What is the special difference of Magic Protector compared to other impregnators?

Magic Protector does completely without silicones, PFAS and propellants and is therefore particularly gentle on people and the environment.

How exactly is the dirt- and water-repellent effect of Magic Protector produced?

The Magic Protector changes the surface structure of the outer material in a similar way to the lotus leaf effect in nature and thereby reliably repels dirt and water.

What do I have to bear in mind when using the Magic Protector?

Shake the bottle vigorously before use and then spray on from a distance of 20 cm. After spraying, leave to act for at least 30 min, after which the shoe is protected against dirt, stains and moisture. Use regularly to maintain the protective effect. Store Magic Protector only at room temperature and keep away from direct sunlight.

On which face materials can the Magic Protector be used?

The Magic Protector has an excellent water and dirt repellent effect on all shoe uppers.

Will the upper material be attacked or damaged by the Magic Protector?

The Magic Protector has a very good protective performance on all materials and does not attack them.

Will the material of my shoes be damaged or attacked by the Magic Protector?

Intensive product tests by professional shoe cleaners (Cleaning Services) have shown that the Magic Protector does not cause any damage to your shoes or leave any stains.

Why does the Magic Protector not require propellants?

The active ingredient is contained in a bag surrounded by pressurized air. When the spray head is now actuated, the impregnating agent escapes in a fine spray mist. This bag-on-valve technology also allows for overhead spraying.

Why does the package show ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® and an icon "Good for the shoes - good for the planet"?

ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® is an independent certification. It verifies that every single ingredient meets the legal requirements and is harmless to human health. Magic Protector meets the strict guidelines and is particularly gentle on people and the environment.